Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finished Garage...for reals

Meant to post the update of our finished garage sooner...
But remember beginning of the year (too long ago) when we got the glass garage doors? Well, it wasn't our intention to have clear windows and having everyone being able to see into our garage was not something we wanted.....if that's what you've been wondering this whole time!
We wanted to save $$ so decided to not get frosted windows and figure we can do it ourselves later! Of course that always ends up taking longer than we intend..BUT we did ended up going with these frosted film for only $80 to do both doors ! It would have cost about four times as much if we had ordered them from the garage door company. So we gave patted ourselves on the back for being such a thrifty home owner. :D

Of course we nominated master Jared to do the job...
And indeed what a great awesome job he did...Boom. Done.
Just look at those garage that's adding property value right there!
...But just don't look at the wooden crate on the side or the messy garden hose, or the dingy paint, or the crappy aluminum windows.....Hey, it's still a work in progress!!