Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finished Garage...for reals

Meant to post the update of our finished garage sooner...
But remember beginning of the year (too long ago) when we got the glass garage doors? Well, it wasn't our intention to have clear windows and having everyone being able to see into our garage was not something we wanted.....if that's what you've been wondering this whole time!
We wanted to save $$ so decided to not get frosted windows and figure we can do it ourselves later! Of course that always ends up taking longer than we intend..BUT we did ended up going with these frosted film for only $80 to do both doors ! It would have cost about four times as much if we had ordered them from the garage door company. So we gave patted ourselves on the back for being such a thrifty home owner. :D

Of course we nominated master Jared to do the job...
And indeed what a great awesome job he did...Boom. Done.
Just look at those garage that's adding property value right there!
...But just don't look at the wooden crate on the side or the messy garden hose, or the dingy paint, or the crappy aluminum windows.....Hey, it's still a work in progress!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

'30 Kitchen Dreamin'

So, we're standing on the edge of the funnel here at 2430...the kitchen remodel funnel. And there we pause peaking over the edge of the funnel, half scared, half excited, half unsure, half confident, and half really bad at fractions. In this moment of reflection, we'd like to use a few posts to share a glimpse at what is inspiring our soon to be torn up and put back together kitchen. We're lovin' this island. We really want a dining height eating surface and this is the most elegant integration of one yet.

The feeling of this room is really nice. The graphic black kitchen with the mis-matched dining chairs.

A nice mix of materials.

The red here helps define the work area graphically.

I'd Like to Tap that House: Iconic House

This is the first of a series that I'd like to call "I'd Like To Tap That..."
where it will be designs related to awesome spaces, interiors, kitchens or architecture.

I really like this simple iconic shape of a house extruded by Kavellaris Urban Design. It's great how they even continued the lines further out in the front to create the balcony and covered car lot.
Dylan & I are starting to gather some inspirations for our kitchen, and we like this open kitchen & dining room.The seemingly simple concept is well-executed with thoughtful details through out the house inside and out. Pretty amazing how how bright it seems even though the only light source is coming from both ends of the house!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ballard Danish Treats

One of the OG shop in Crownhill/Ballard neighborhood:
Larsen Bros Danish Bakery is this totally understated and seemly unappealing bakery that's filled with colorful goodies and super affordable Danish baked pastries, cookies, and bread. I've yet tried everything. But so far all the Danish treats I've tried have been more than satisfying!Some of the Scandinavian treats they offer:
Danish Kringle
Cinnamon Rolls (kanelbullar)
Julekaka Bread
Yest Bread (vetebröd)
Saffron Bread (Saffranbröd)
They even offer these beautiful special Scandinavian Kransekager cakes made from layers of these almond-based paste cake for wedding or anniversary celebrations! I love how the mini-flags is part of the decoration.COOKIES!!
One of my fav is this flaky almond past-filled pastry with poppy seed. A light and delicious treat for only $1.25Not sure what these green things are....haven't had the courage to try them yet...but the look of anticipation on their faces made me regret not getting it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Garage Door for the New Year!

Okay, I's been WAY too long since we've updated our Dupe blog. But to start off the year, we're excited to say that we're FINALLY getting our glass aluminum garage doors installed...TODAY! Also Dylan's birthday! What a wonderful day it is!!The installer is doing the work right as I'm writing this post! I love not having to do the actual work! I'm just sitting here writing this post, sipping on some tea, and BOOM, this handy installer guys has already got one side of the door in! UH-MAZING!
Besides the obvious of improving the facade of the Dupe, the doors will replace our previously half-functioning vinyl crappy doors and....fill our Chikabird studio and wood shop with happy warm sunlight!! We won't have to be working in the dark cave anymore! YAY!!
Our garage doors are from these handy guys of Distrubu Doors...with their fancy van of the owners and their miniature Distrubu Door predecessors....Love it.