Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Garage Door for the New Year!

Okay, I's been WAY too long since we've updated our Dupe blog. But to start off the year, we're excited to say that we're FINALLY getting our glass aluminum garage doors installed...TODAY! Also Dylan's birthday! What a wonderful day it is!!The installer is doing the work right as I'm writing this post! I love not having to do the actual work! I'm just sitting here writing this post, sipping on some tea, and BOOM, this handy installer guys has already got one side of the door in! UH-MAZING!
Besides the obvious of improving the facade of the Dupe, the doors will replace our previously half-functioning vinyl crappy doors and....fill our Chikabird studio and wood shop with happy warm sunlight!! We won't have to be working in the dark cave anymore! YAY!!
Our garage doors are from these handy guys of Distrubu Doors...with their fancy van of the owners and their miniature Distrubu Door predecessors....Love it.


STOOart said...

that's nice. you guys gonna through up some fresh pics of the studio/shop too? when does the orca get delivered?

Croc said...


Construction Progress Photos! I love em. While I don't see the finished product I get the picture. Yes, it's great to have someone else do the work while you drink tea and celebrate Dylan's B'day. Better light, increased productivity and fewer mood swings... It's all good!


Sharron Folkes said...

Hi Jean! How's your garage door? I hope it's still working by now, though I wouldn't be surprised if it has incurred some damage somehow, since that is inevitable. Anyway, don’t worry because there are companies that offer repair and replacement services for garage doors at a very competitive price. Maybe updating your garage door can be your way of welcoming 2013!

Sharron Folkes