Monday, March 22, 2010

Ballard Danish Treats

One of the OG shop in Crownhill/Ballard neighborhood:
Larsen Bros Danish Bakery is this totally understated and seemly unappealing bakery that's filled with colorful goodies and super affordable Danish baked pastries, cookies, and bread. I've yet tried everything. But so far all the Danish treats I've tried have been more than satisfying!Some of the Scandinavian treats they offer:
Danish Kringle
Cinnamon Rolls (kanelbullar)
Julekaka Bread
Yest Bread (vetebröd)
Saffron Bread (Saffranbröd)
They even offer these beautiful special Scandinavian Kransekager cakes made from layers of these almond-based paste cake for wedding or anniversary celebrations! I love how the mini-flags is part of the decoration.COOKIES!!
One of my fav is this flaky almond past-filled pastry with poppy seed. A light and delicious treat for only $1.25Not sure what these green things are....haven't had the courage to try them yet...but the look of anticipation on their faces made me regret not getting it.