Monday, December 8, 2008

Our First Turkey Day! Success!

I hate to gloat, but I have to say we kicked some major ass on our first Thanksgiving.

Our recipe for success:
  • Double the capacity: That's right, we Ballard Power Rangers combined forces to create a super-ultra Thanksgiving celebration. Between 32's perfect pre-diner lounge to 30's make-shift giant "formal" dining table, we crafted the optimal dine-work-chill space. Double the kitchens meant more birds and other awesomeness (see below points). Perfect for our total of 15 attendees.

  • Fancify the cocktails: Outdoing herself as usual, Jean busted out a mean array of potent, refreshing, and tasty drinks beautifully arranged complete with typewritten labels. Drinks included red and white Sangria, Egg Nog Brandy, oolong-infused plum wine, pomegranate-mint vodka lemonaid

  • Triple-threat birds: We assembled a delicious trio of foul. Dave brought his freshly killed 12+lb new feathered friend formally known as "mash potato", who's white meat melted in everyone's mouth. Chika's scrumptious deep fried grouping of Cornish Game Hens looked gorgeous and tasted the same. Finally, my Peking Duck (complete with the head) tided everyone over as we waited for the final diner preparation.

  • A top notch supporting cast (of munchies): For appetizers, Jesse assembled multiple platters of culinary delights including Bacon wrapped prawns (Yummo!). Chika rocked the mashed potatoes (which also included a bacon boost). Drew, Jeff, and Sarah showed up Le Creuset's in hand with delicious soup, salad, and from-scratch brioche
  • Killer deserts: Jared provided the quintessential pumpkin pie and Apple Cheddar pie both done up right while we gorged further on my Mom's carrot cake bites and Jean's toffee chocolate crunch.
  • Good friends and family: We of course could have never enjoyed ourselves so thoroughly without the fine company we had. Thanks to everyone for coming and contributing.

More photos here.