Monday, April 27, 2009

Get Caffinated VIA Instant Caffee

This is totally old old news. I'm trying to post all the things I was suppose to months ago! With Jessee who's a manager at one of Starbucks shop in Seattle, so we got to try the Starbucks instant coffee, VIA before it came out! COOL HUH!? But I guess it's really not so impressive sounding anymore since it's everywhere now.... I still have to share that so it makes me feel more special. It worked! :D
But mostly I wanted to share how we all became big fans of these well packaged practical little packets of instant coffee powder. It's so good that you'll want to snort it....oh yeah.
Not only are we in love with the packaging that reminds us of clever Japanese packaging, the taste itself is bold, flavorful and STRONG. It definitely gets me really caffeinated for a good amount of time.

Best part is that we won't have to risk getting bad coffee outside of Seattle...and Italy. I admit it, after living in Seattle for nearly 10 years now, I've become a total coffee snob and I'm damn proud of it!
So no more drinking watered down flavorless coffee on the airplane, in the hotel, at restaurants...or even at your relatives who still drinks Folger's. Sorry relatives.....
Thanks Starbucks VIA ! I can now stuff my pockets full of these babies wherever I go....

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Just read this blurb on Via and now I know... so much more about instant gratification.