Tuesday, October 7, 2008


With the loom of google-spam-watch threatening to lock up our blog - I guess we'd better post something in between chores!

If this were a reality show, I would say "This is the story of 2 couples who thought it would be a good idea to buy a duplex together. See what happens when the stresses of financing, moving, and fixing-upping take it's toll on their relationships." And then I'd try to stir up drama and ratings by hiding tools from the person who needs them, and leave trash in weird places so a rodent problem develops.
BUT this isn't a reality show, just a home progress log of 2 designing couples teaming up to acquire and achieve more than possible on their own. So far, that's meant a tidy 1962 duplex in the heart of Ballard. We'll get to consult with each other on projects, pool resources, learn from each other's mistakes, and work together on our investment and home. On the West siiiide is Jared and Chika and on the East (siiiiide) is Jean and Dylan. All four of us have an industrial design background, and like to travel, shop, and eat. Jean and Dylan have a penchant for seeking and finding vintage treasures, and Jared and I tend to comb supermarkets and stationary stores for everyday modest delights.

I think we'll post progress reports, before/after pics, maybe the occasional how-to, and restaurant reviews from the neighborhood. So far, the 7-11 at the end of our block gets 4 out of 5 high fives! 4 for convenience, slurpee and pop-tart selection, and for stocking my favorite ramen. I'm holding out on that last high five because they were out of taquitos once when I really needed one. Before you cast doubt on my judgement criteria and qualifications, I'll tell you the one thing NO ONE tells you when you buy a place - you end up eating a LOT of fast food that first month. Between projects and trips to Home Depot (hereby referred to as Homey D's), who's got time to cook?

Lots of catching up to do - like harrowing tales of cleaning out the rat infested crawl space! And an update of what we've done (and haven't done) to our kitchen! And what projects we've started but won't finish until Winter forces our hand (installing new heaters!). And just what is up in that attic crawl space? Which brave soul will be the first up there?

Stay tuned....

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